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Welcome to 2FAST4U the fastest Volkswagen Corrado site on the web.Have you ever felt a pure surge of adreneline run through your body, or have you ever caught yourself looking forward to waking up early for work in the morning just because you want so bad to just drive your car, even if it is to work. Well Volkswagen made people feel that way as soon as it released the Corrado sports car in 1988 (1990 U.S.). Do you have a Corrado, thinking of getting a Corrado? This site is for you.

Check out the Corrado Gallery, or sent your Corrado pic in to be displayed, or check out the Corrado & VW Links page for contact info, great car sites, home pages, and parts places!!



1990 G60 March 2000 Corrado Club of America, Corrado of the month.
VW Shrine Homepage Ring by www.webring.org

\\// \\/\//********UPDATED NEWS********\\// \\/\//
April 9th, 2000.....I just wanted to let everyone know a little something, concerning the installation of a Neuspeed rear sway bar on a My Corrado. Yesterday i needed to get the bar on because there was an autocross today. So i called a fellow dubber buddy of mine over and we went to work on her. Obviously the first thing to do is to take out the lower strut bolt, now im not a small guy and my buddy is no twirp himself, we not for the life of us break that bolt loose, breaking bar or not. This is what we had to do, we used a 3 ton jack to put pressure on the driver now that was not enough we actually COMPRESSED THE STRUT using the jack again putting pressure on the driver, and at that point I took the wheel off and stood on the rotor, jumped on it a few times and finaly it broke free. I just thought that everyone would get a kick out of that. By the way Congradulations to Dan Adams, driving his 1997 GTi & Mitch Hofer in his 1990 Corrado G60 who had some outstanding runs at the AutoX today and we look forward to seeing them at the next event!!!!